Welcome to Penny Lake Market

Since 1969, Penny Lake has been known for as a staple in our community, providing fresh goods and meats along with a significant wine, beer, and liquor offering. Swing by and grab essentials for the week, or some special items for the weekend or barbecue. EBT accepted.

What We Offer

We offer the best quality, service, and convenience at your neighborhood Grocery store.

Boar’s Head lunch meat, craft beer, wine, liquor, full deli service, prepared food, choice meat, custom butcher service, Amish Chicken, Produce, Grocery, Dairy, Frozen, Bakery. Sunday liquor sale, Keg beer, Propane exchange, Firewood, Gift Certificates.

Outdoor sale: Vegetables, plants, Top Soil, Flowers, Herbs, Mums, Hanging Basket, Pumpkins, Hay, Corn stock.